Giraffe Patches Bread Loaf

I like bread and prefer bread with special shape, scoring pattern.  Toast bread was not on the top list but I bake it from time to time.  From time to time, people posted about giraffe toast bread and got my attention and curiosity. Until the third trial, I could claim it was getting close to the expected outcome.

375g bread flour
35g sugar
½ tsp fine salt
20g butter
1 tsp instant dry yeast
250g fresh milk

20g cocoa powder
15g fresh milk

Mix bread flour, sugar, yeast in a mixing bowl.

Add salt and milk and knead it till a ball forms.

Add it butter and continue to knead until the texture becomes smooth, shiny and non-sticky.

Remove 230g from the dough, place it in a clean blow and let proof till double in size.

Add cocoa powder and milk in the remaining dough. Knead until well mixed and set aside to proof until double in size.



Divide the plain dough into 4 portions; 1 = 71g and 3 each = 53g (depends on the final weight and adjust accordingly)

Divide the chocolate dough into 4 portions; 1 = 138g and 3 each = 115g (depends on the final weight and adjust accordingly)

Use a rolling pin to roll the chocolate doughs into flat oval shape.  Then roll it like swiss roll.

Roll the plain dough into flat oval shape.  Place the chocolate dough on the plain dough.  Cover the chocolate dough by the plain dough and seal it.  Repeat for the rest. Roll them to 24cm long.




Divide each dough into two portions.




Stack 3 small dough at the bottom of a prepared loaf tin.  Follow by 2 large dough and the rest of the 3 small dough on top.  Leave it for rising for about 30-45 minutes.

Bake in a covered loaf tin at a preheated oven at 180C for 35 minutes.


Let cool on wire, slice it and enjoy the cute toast bread.

It was nice than the patches varied the more you cut open the loaf. It’s versatile and enjoyable to see the changes 🙂


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