No Mouth Panda Toast Bread

It was a rainy Sunday.   Perfect time to bake bread!  And I would like to have something fun and make me smile.   Let’s attempt for panda toast bread.  It’s cute and sweet.   I was a bit worry that the recipe I have got might be small for my 450g toast pan.  So, I times the ingredients 1.25 times.  It turned out that I was wrong.  Either the yeast was working too quick or I should have sticked to the original recipe.  Never mind! I like the outcome, elongated panda face.  The many holes of the toast bread may indicate that I did not roll the dough enough.  No worry, improvement will come next time.

This is the moment of truth!  Not bad!  Next time, I shall roll the green tea dough very flat.

300g Bread (strong) flour
90g Cake flour
35g Sugar
260g milk + 1 egg yolk
5.6g salt
19g Unsalted butter
5g Dry yeast
I multiplied the ingredients 1.25 times of the original recipe

Mix all the ingredients. Knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.

Divide the dough into 370g, 250g and 90g

3g Matcha (should be 8g but I had 3g at home only)
8g Cocoa powder

Add Matcha into the biggest dough and mix till well incorporated.

Add cocoa powder to the smallest dough and mix till well incorporated.

Roll the three dough into balls.  Leave for fermentation between 40 and 60 minutes.

Deflat the dough lightly.

Divide the chocolate dough into 4 parts.  Take one, press it flat. Fold the upper and lower part into the centre.  Roll it to elongated tube.  Repeat for the other 3.

Roll out the Matcha dough.  The length should be equal to the length of the toast box.  Cut a part from the edge for placing between the two ears (chocolate dough).  Roll it to an elongated tube.

Place the Matcha tube on top of the Matcha dough.  Place two chocolate tubes on the two side of the Matcha tube as the ears.

Roll out the plain dough.  Cut a stripe and roll out as a tube.

Place the plain tube on top of the layer of Matcha and chocolate tubes.

Put the remaining two chocolate tubes next to the plain tubes. It is easier to brush water prior to placing the chocolate tubes.

Close the plain dough by lifting the sides and squeeze them together.

Stretch the end of the Matcha dough a bit.  Close the sides like closing the plain dough.  Close both ends as well.

Place the closing part at the bottom of a loaf tin.  Leave it for the second rise.

If you would like to watch the steps and don’t mind Cantonese, then click here. Yup, I did not follow the way in the original recipe.

I checked it after 50 minutes.  It was touching the top of the pan already.  So I had to bake it without the cover at 190C for 25 minutes.  It rose quite much.

It was OK for the first trial.  Next time, I should have the ingredient at the portion per the original recipe.  And, the panda will need a mouth.


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