Chilled Passion Fruit White Chocolate Cheesecake

It was Easter period.  I thought of Passion of Christ.  This phrase was first learnt from a German friend when we saw Christ bleeding on the cross in paintings in Europe.  I was confused by the word passion.  Isn’t it a strong emotion which means zeal, intensive desire for someone or something?  Why is it connected with Jesus?  He is willing to die for us as he loves us and is obedient to the God Father. His passion is not the death or suffering but the triumph, the salvation, the relief brought to human beings by sacrificing himself.  At Google Search, it also means the suffering of Jesus Christ.  At Wikepedia, it says the Passion is the short final period in the life of Jesus covering his entrance visit to Jerusalem and leading to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary.

Passion fruit cannot be compared to the Passion of Christ.  They are extremely different, just a common word, passion. I couldn’t think of another ingredient with any proximity.  The original recipe is from Matthew Tomkinson and featured at the Great British Chef. I halved the ingredients for the cake base but double for the cheesecake filling to make a 18cm square cake.


Cheesecake base
100g biscuits, crushed
50g butter, melted
Combine the biscuit crumbs and butter and push into the base of your chosen tin. Bake at 150C for 10 minutes.

Cheesecake Filling
100g of white chocolate chips
1 gelatin leaf, soaked in water
340ml of double cream
180g of full fat soft cheese

Warm 120ml of the double cream and the white chocolate together until melted, then add the drained gelatin

Mix the soft cheese with the remaining cream (220g) until smooth and then add to the chocolate mixture. Pour over the set base and return to the fridge until firm

Cheesecake topping
200ml of passion fruit juice
50g of caster sugar
2 gelatin leaf, soaked in water

Bring the passion fruit juice and sugar to the boil and add the drained gelatin. Pass through a fine sieve and cool. Whilst just warm pour over the cheesecake and return to the fridge

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