Sweet potato pancake


I learnt about Ovocafe and Green Common from TV. The key selling point is modern vegetarian food. Ovocafe serves freshly prepared vegetarian food. Green Common is a vegetarian grocery store, sells food and all kinds of stuff about healthy life. It is nice that the website provides many vegetarian recipes. My sweet potato cake is from there.

The initial trial was with purple sweet potato. I put a bit more water than the recipe says. It was nice and nutritious. As a starchy root vegetable, it is packed with potassium, vitamin A, sodium and each 100 grams delivers 86 calories and 0.1g fat.



I guess because rice flour was added to the batter, it was not as glutinous as normal Chinese pumpkin cake.


Last night I tried the yellow cousin. I only had about 55 gram glutinous flour at home. I added still more water than the recipe’s recommended portion. The batter was a bit sticky. I put more mashed sweet potato and around 20 grams of tapioca flour. Not attempt to roll as a sausage but just rolled out flat and left it sit in the fridge overnight. It turned out to be fabulous. Nice texture! My mum took one after one 🙂





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