Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Upon the success of the Earl Grey chiffon cake, I am then more into chiffon cake and wish to perfect the skill and outcome.  Today I tried Green Tea, cousin of earl grey.  Today, I went for a recipe from Happy Home Baking.  But as said at her blog, her son said that it tasted good but not much taste of matcha.   As it was an experiment, I followed the original recipe and then will decide how I will adapt in future.  The recipe adds corn flour for beating the egg white. My result was not great.  The cake did not rise as much as the earl grey one.  Not sure if my egg white was not perfect or due to the corn starch or I opened the door after 8 minutes of baking.  Anyway, the texture is nice.  See below!

3 egg yolks (use large eggs)
5g caster sugar (10g in original recipe)
35g vegetable oil
50g fresh milk
45g cake flour
6g matcha green tea powder

3 egg whites (use large eggs)
45g caster sugar
6g corn flour

Place egg yolks in a mixing bowl and whisk them a little. Add in sugar and whisk to combine. Add in vegetable oil gradually, whisk to combine. Add the fresh milk, whisk to combine. Sieve over the flour and matcha powder, fold the flour till fully incorporated. Do not over mix. Set aside.

Mix the 45g caster sugar with the corn flour.

In a clean, dry mixing bowl, beat egg whites with a electric mixer on low speed until mixture becomes frothy and foamy. Add half of the sugar and corn flour mixture and turn to high speed and beat the mixture. Continue to add in the remaining sugar mixture and beat until the egg whites reaches the soft peak stage.The soft peak stage is reached when the peaks of the whites curl over and droop slightly. The egg whites should appear smooth and glossy. (Do not over beat the whites still stiff, it is better to beat the whites still soft peaks for easy folding with the yolk batter.)

Foldthe beaten egg whites into the egg yolk batter in 3 separate additions, each time folding gently with a spatula until just blended.

Pour batter into a 7″ chiffon tube pan(do not grease the pan). Tap the pan lightly on a table top to get rid of any trapped air bubbles in the batter.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 180C for 30 mins, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean, when lightly pressed the cake will spring back. Invert the pan immediately and let cool completely before unmould. To remove the cake from the pan, run a thin-bladed knife around the inside of the pan and the center core. Press the cake in a circular direction on the side.  Unmould it. Next, turn the cake 90 degree.  Press the cake towards the bottom round the edge.  Release the cake from the tin bottom.



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