Earl Grey Swiss Roll

Swiss roll is always tricky and uncontrollable.  Honestly, I made this earl grey Swiss roll 3 times in two weeks. It is a special method. Flour is cooked gently in warm oil. The first two times, the oil was too hot.  Therefore slumps of earl grey dotted the roll. It did not degrade the taste but the texture was not soft enough. Above photo is the second attempt.  Looks good!

4 eggs, separated
6g ground earl grey tea leaves, divide into 4g and 2 g
50g oil
60g milk
60g cake flour
45g sugar
3g salt
vanilla essence

Cook milk and 4g grounded earl grey tea leaves until warm.  Let the flavour develop for 10 minutes.

Sieve flour and 2g earl grey tea leaves twice.

Warm the oil.  Pour the flour mixture into the oil.  Stir to mix.

Pour in the earl grey milk and mix well.

Add egg yolk one each time.  Stir well and then another egg.

Beat the egg white until foamy.  Add sugar in 3 batches until soft peaks form.  Add a bit lemon juice / salt to stabilise the egg white.

Fold the egg white into the earl grey mixture in 3 rounds.  Pour onto a 28*28cm cake tin.  Tap a few times.

Bake at 180C for around 17 minutes.  Tap it.

Cover the cake sheet with another baking parchment. Invert it.  Tear off the bottom baking parchment.  Let cool for 10 minutes.

Until the third attempt today, the texture is soft and light but the shape is not so cylinder.  Never mind, I was happy with the final results.  It takes more practice to make it perfect.

Whip 130g cream with 13g sugar and vanilla essence.  Spread the whipped cream evenly and roll it up.  Keep in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to set.


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