Art Jamming Cheesecake

Soon after I have made the purple sweet potato cheesecake, an idea of making a rainbow cheesecake was conceived.  The colouring of circles requires fluid / stream like cheese and cream mixture. Unfortunately, the temperature of the day of the experiment was too low.  It solidified too soon.  Instead of distinctive circles of red, orange, yellow, pale green, green, blue and purple, it became an art jamming outcome.  Or you can name it impressionist cheesecake.  A more creative name is Great Barrier Reef cheesecake.  Never mind.  I’ll make it again when the temperature is higher.  And, nevertheless, it pleased my friends.  One said that it was QQ, a typical adjective of Taiwanese.  It means soft and bouncy.

You may reference my other article of Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake for the ingredients and method.  Just multiply 1.5 to convert from a 16 cm to 18 cm cake.



To make the different colours, below is the weight of the cheese cream mixture:

purple 130g
Blue 105g
Pale green 105g
Green 85g
Yellow 85g
Orange 70g
Red 70g




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