Lemon Passion Fruit Tart

I received email from the Great British Chef on a regular basis.  Lately, recipes from Dominic Chapman were shared.  The Passion fruit tart, lemon curd sauce and hazelnut praline caught my attention immediately because my mum loves sourness, especially sweets, desserts made with it.  So, I planned to make it on my sister’s birthday, which I took a day off. And it’s a day prior to the Easter Holiday.

The tart filling is gorgeous.  The balance of sweet and sour is perfect (I reduced around 25% sugar).  But the tart base is not ideal.  First, it was too wet with yolk and egg.  It was very sticky though put with a bit more flour.  It was difficult to take the rolled piece and lay it on a tart tray.  It just stated blind bake for 30 minutes.  So, instead of removing the baking stones after half of the baking time, I left it all through.  So, the tart base was soft, not crispy.  Lessons learnt, I will stick to the tart recipe for Pear Almond Tart from Laura Washburn made years ago.

Due to home refurbishment, my torch was packed.  To have colouring on top, I put the tart under the grill for a bit more than 4 minutes.  Superb!  Hmm, it’s a bit plain.  So, I went out to search for passion fruit. Got it and strawberry.  He he!

To make the tart (experiment), I took half of the ingredient portion and skipped the lemon curd, afraid of the extra calories. And I did not have hazelnut but pecan.  The caramelised pecan was nice.  Instead of 175g sugar for the tart filling, only 135g was used.  The huge tart was mostly gone after dinner and KO the next morning breakfast time. Salute to Dominic for the fantastic tart filling!  Compliments received 🙂



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