Matcha Swiss Roll

I saw this matcha (green tea) Swiss roll a while and finally made it.  Folding is not my strong area.  But it is fine with this recipe.   A piece was served for Betty, the friend who had a big traffic accident with me together.  She liked it with the depth of flavour. I told her that the cream contained condensed milk.  Oh no, the taste of condensed milk did not come through.  It is the first trial of adding condensed milk to the cream and the result is good.

4 eggs, separate yolk and white
70g cake flour
9g matcha powder
80g sugar
45g rice bran oil
70g water

150g whipped cream
8g sugar
15g condensed milk
1Tbsp matcha powder
150g whipping cream
80g red bean paste

Tray: 28*28cm

Bake at 180C for 14 mins

Tip: use 2 tbs warm water to melt the matcha powder first.  The rest of the water adds to the cake batter.


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