Pampusha is a small savoury or sweet yeast-raised bun or doughnut typical for Ukrainian cuisine.  I did not know about it before.  As it was super hot in Milan, my friends declined the offer of baking bread.  However, when DM read about the Pampushi in a magazine from Esselunga, he suggested a trial.   We skipped the garlic and herb dressing specified in the recipe.

Basically, the recipe calls for 500g flour, 25g fresh yeast, 1 egg, 15g sugar, 250g warm milk, 30g butter and pinch of salt.  Let the fresh yeast dissolve in warm milk.  Knead all ingredients with a kitchen machine, except the butter, all at once.  After it has formed a ball, add butter bit by bit after it has fully incorporated into the dough and the bottom of the kitchen machine bowl is clean.

We made the dough on Saturday.  The fermentation lasted for about an hour.  The dough grew very high. Then it stayed in the fridge until the next evening.  We let it at room temperature for less than an hour.  The final touch is egg wash on the surface. They were baked at oven temperature 200C for around 15 minutes.  It’s done.  Outside was crispy and inside was soft.  Successful!  We enjoyed it with tomato, fried egg and minced pork (to kill the remaining food in fridge as we will leave Milan the next day).  If you need more instructions, just google Pampushki or try this.







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