Green Tea Red Bean Moon Cakes

I enjoyed my sister’s moon cakes last year as her custard moon cakes taste better than those from the Peninsula Hotel (the pioneer of custard moon cakes).  For the Mid-autumn Festival this year, my original plan was to do nothing but enjoy without efforts.  However, when I saw the photo of green tea read bean moon cakes, I could not stop to give it a trial.

The pastry recipe is basically the one from the Peninsula Hotel which can be found easily at the Internet.  15g cake flour is replaced with matcha powder.  As I used good grade Uji matcha, 15g has dominated and red bean taste did not come out so much.  So, you need to adjust the matcha powder portion accordingly.

I purchased ready red bean paste instead of making it myself and took 19g to make around 25 balls.  Then I followed the recipe to make the pastry, baking temperature and time.

The end products were packed as festive gifts for friends.


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