Rose Pistachio Scones

Today is the National Day and simultaneously the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Government ran various celebrations at the capital, Beijing. In Hong Kong, however, the flag-raising ceremony was conducted with very strict security. Roads nearby were blocked. Heavy police forces stood by to counteract potential protests. Audiences of the ceremony stayed inside the Exhibition Centre.

I neither joined the celebration (TV watching) or protests proliferated in various districts. The holiday break allowed me to try Bosch‘s receipt, Rose Pistachio Scones (Chinese recipe 中文食譜請按此.) The outside is crunchy. Inside is light and soft. Successful attempt!

27g unsalted butter (cold)
167g cake flour
10g baking powder
30g sugar
1g salt
50g buttermilk
35g from an egg, rest used for brushing
½ tsp rose extract
40g pistachio
Dry rose petals, from around 15 tiny rose buds

Blend the unsalted butter, cake flour, baking powder, sugar and salt by hand or by kitchen machine at speed 2 until crumbly.

Add the buttermilk and mix well.

Add egg and rose extract, and mix well until dough comes together.

Add dry rose petals and pistachio, and gently mix.

Put the dough in wraps and set aside for 20 minutes.

Gently roll dough out until 1 inch thick. Use a 6cm diameter round cutter to cut out scones. Put them on a prepared baking sheet.

Brush the tops with the leftover egg twice.

Bake at a preheated 200℃ oven for 15 minutes until golden. Serve.



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