Ham and Cheese Rolls / 芝士火腿包

This recipe from a Facebook Group has been sitting in my computer for a while. Today, I could make it finally. It was soft and yummy. The slight savory taste together with the soft bouncy texture was superb! Room for improvement: I will add more stuffing ingredients when I will bake it another time. Happy!

250g Bread flour

50g cake flour 低筋麵粉50g
10g Cheese powder (I randomly put some ground parmesan) 芝士粉10g
30g sugar 三温糖/砂糖30g
4g Salt 鹽4g
3.5g Yeast 酵母3.5g
1 Egg 蛋一隻
30g yoghurt 無糖乳酪30g
125-130g Milk 牛奶125-130g
25g Unsalted butter 無鹽牛油25g

Roll-up the dough and cut pieces like preparing cookies / 捲成長條型切段放紙模入烤

I made varied forms to check out the effect


Appropriate amount of high melting point cheese and ham  / 適量高溶點芝士及火腿

Can make 8; bake at 170C for 12 minutes  / 可做8個 170度焗12分鐘


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