Vietnamese Crab Paste Noodles Soup

The 36 Streets 36 老街36 serves the best Vietnamese crab paste noodle soup in Hong Kong.  It is blended with the freshness of crab, sourness of tomato and sweetness of minced pork.  After the first trial, we usually order the same dish whenever we return for lunch.  Once I saw a Chinese recipe about crab paste noodle soup which the recipe owner thought that she could cook the same taste as served at Nha Trang, I tried my best to get the crab paste from Thai grocery soup and delivered this gourmet.  It was fabulous but still not quiet the taste of Old Street 36.

The key ingredient is of course crab.  But crab paste is indispensable.  It is the essence of this dish which gives the wonderful flavour.   The rest are tomato, egg, pork and Vietnamese sausage.

Here is the URL of the recipe, in Chinese though.  Try Google Translate.  It’s quite OK and you can understand well.

Below is my favourite crab paste noodle soup from the 36 Streets.  I will keep trying to make one similar.



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