Raspberry Panna Cotta

raspberry panna cotta

It was a merry day.  In the evening I would attend an anniversary dinner at our secondary school, Queen Elizabeth School.  To align with the happy feeling, I made this gorgeous raspberry panna cotta to celebrate.  Bright red denotes cheers.  It’s a handful of memories, the place I grew up with school friends.  At time, we were all innocent.  Now, a lot of them are professionals, doctors, lawyers, professors, nameless.  It is a night full of memories and joy.  Amazing is they don’t change, look the same.  Just, men have less hair, women gain weight.  Ha!

Cardamom gives the raspberry a unique flavor.  Yum and unforgettable!  And, this raspberry panna cotta is super easy and super good!


Raspberry puree:
150g raspberries, lightly crushed
2.5 tbsp sugar
2 pods of small cardamom, bruised (1 in original recipe)

Cream mixture:
10g gelatin bloomed in ice water (gelatin powder + water in original recipe.  May add a bit more liquid to make the panna cotta more wobble)
250ml milk
250ml cream
45g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

raspberry panna cotta1

Raspberry puree:
Simmer crushed raspberries, sugar, and cardamom, until sugar just dissolved.  Let cool slightly.

Pour about 2 tsp on each glass. Freeze until thick enough to hold the cream mixture.

Cream mixture:
Put milk, sugar, and cream in a medium saucepan stirring occasionally, bring to just below the boiling point.   Let cool till the temperature is slightly higher than 60C.

Add the bloomed gelatin, mix until evenly incorporated. Pour vanilla extract when most of the steam escaped.

Pour the cream mixture evenly into each glass and refrigerate until firm enough to hold its shape.

raspberry panna cotta3raspberry panna cotta2


Upper 6A

QES Ms Fung

QES photo

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