Chocolate Delice, adapted from Raymond Blanc

Chocolate Delice

Oh, yes!  It’s Raymond Blanc again.  His chocolate delice is gorgeous.  I did not make a full version which coffee foam was placed at the bottom to enhance its appeal.  It’s just served at home, a simpler one serves the purpose.

Caramelized SugarHis recipe states that caramelized sugar is used for the base.  I made one. But it’s not moist enough to make a paste.  So I added cream and melted butter.  The portion of bran flakes is too much.  Plus the bran flakes I used were not crunchy.  The base is not as crisp as I can imagine.  I will reduce from 150g to 100g and perhaps use another type of flakes.  But the custard made with chocolate was heavenly.   Again, a twist applied as I did not have double cream.  So, I added 60g butter to enrich it.  Yum!

Carmelized Hazelnut

I love particularly the idea of dipping hazelnuts into caramelized sugar and hang it with ‘tack it’ adhesive.  Beautiful and artistic!

The work is divided into a few stages: cooking the caramelized sugar, blend it with hazelnuts to make a paste (add cream and butter) and mix with the bran flakes.  Lay it at the bottom of a square cake pan and let it stay in the refrigerator.

Chocolate Delice whole

Then make the chocolate custard, pour it over the base and let it solidified in the fridge.  Before it is served, prepare the caramelized hazelnuts for the nice decoration.  Randomly place the caramelized hazelnuts next to a piece of the divine dessert, top with chocolate powder.  That’s it!

Chocolate Delice9


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